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Re: [condor-users] Transferring input files with Condor-G usingGlobusRSL

On Mon, 3 Nov 2003, Mark Calleja wrote:

> Hi chaps,
> I'm trying to submit jobs to a remote condor pool via
> Condor-G->Globus->Condor, with the following type of line in my submit
> file:
> GlobusRSL = (condorsubmit=(transfer_files ALWAYS)(universe
> vanilla)(transfer_input_files full_path_name_1, full_path_name_2))
> However, the jobs never get started and the log file contains the
> following error:
> ERROR: Can't open "/home/mcal00/condor_g/linux/diffmc/CONFIG_zircon"
> with flags 00
> where I've shown the specific filename, so basically the input files
> aren't getting transferred over. Now, I'm guessing that this is the
> gatekeeper griping, and not any daemon on the remote condor pool, right?
> BTW, that's the correct path on the submitting (i.e. Condor-G) machine,
> and all files have global read access while the directory they sit in
> has global read and execute access.
> My question is: Am I missing something obvious, or should I have
> something else in my submit file that I've ommitted (the rest of the
> file is pretty "standard" condor submit stuff)?
> If it helps, I'm running Condor 6.4.5 and GT 2.4.3.

You didn't say which log you see the error in, but I believe the error is
coming from condor_submit (when the globus jobmanager tries to submit your
job to the remote pool). When you use the "condorsubmit" attribute with
"GlobusRSL" in your local submit file, you're telling globus to blindly
add lines to the submit file it uses to submit the job to the remote
condor pool. Neither condor-g nor globus tries to interpret the values you
specify, so the remote condor_submit is being told about input files that
are valid on your local machine.

For this to work, you need use only the filenames (no path information) in
the GlobusRSL, and list the files in your condor-g submit file using
transfer_input_files. Then condor-g will ask globus to stage the files and
the remote condor_submit should find them (relative to the remote initial
working directory).

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