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Re: [condor-users] NEGOTIATOR_INTERVAL not being honored

On Sat, Dec 20, 2003 at 12:17:26PM -0800, Jackson, Scott M wrote:
> You will notice that it correctly read in the NEGOTIATOR_INTERVAL I set but it is still taking 20 seconds between Negotiation Cycles.
> Does anyone have any idea why this is happening and how I can reduce this 20 second delay?

It's a hard-coded delay. It's meant as an optimization, actually - if it
wasn't there, machines could be matched but not have time to update its state,
and potentially be rematched in the next negotiation cycle. Obviousvly,  
just counting on a delay still means this can happen, so the startd is 
prepared to handle multiple matches from a correctness standpoint, but it's 
much better to not hit it at all, and let the system quiesce a bit before 
starting another negotiation cycle.

However, this is actually not the same thing as the NEGOTIATOR_INTERVAL, though
in practice it makes NEGOTIATOR_INTERVAL a minimum of 20 seconds. It's really
a "Don't start another negotiation cycle if the last one finished less than
20 seconds ago" - so if your NEGOTIATOR_INTERVAL is 30 seconds, but the
Negotiation cycle takes 30 seconds, Condor will still wait 20 seconds before
starting another one. Or, if someone runs condor_reschedule or submits a job,
(both of which start a new negotiation cycle, regardless of what 
NEGOTIATOR_INTERVAL is set to) it still forces a 20 second delay.

Most things in Condor are configurable - in fact, we oftentimes think that
we have too many settings in the config file, so we're a bit loathe to
add a knob to adjust this setting. If people really want us to, we'd
probably be willing to. (In general, we love feature requests, and there's
nothing more fun in Condor than coding in things we heard about in a
condor-admin or condor-users message). 

If you've got the source, it's trivial to remove - it's line
453 of src/condor_negotiator.V6/matchmaker.C - just comment out the block that
if ( elapsed < 20 ) {

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