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Re: [condor-users] Condor-G broker / scheduler questions

Alain Roy wrote:

I want to submit jobs via Condor-G to a VO registered on MDS2 on a balanced and fault-tolerant way. Is this possible?. The pdf ".../condorg-hpdc10.pdf" does mention of a future broker but this document is three years old and I dont know if it has been implemented or is in the way.

It's not clear what you want.

Sometimes, I think this also ;-)

We try very hard to ensure that jobs submitted via Condor-G deal well with faults and recover from problems.

Yes you have done a great work. I like Condor project, it is a wonderful idea and project.

Condor-G doesn't look anything up in MDS, so you have to do that part on your own, or use a broker from someone else. The EDG resource broker springs to mind, but I don't know much about it.

Thanks, I didnt found anything like this. I will check it.

We have done some early work with matchmaking for Condor-G. It works, but it isn't easy to use. It doesn't use MDS, but you could hook it up to MDS. It is documented in Section 5.3.5 of the Condor 6.6 manual:


I also want to submit service calls to OGSI container of GT3, really is my main mission, but if it can't be done, one option is to make a wrapper from a GRAM job that invokes the service on the same node.

The released version of Condor-G can only submit to Globus Toolkit 2 resources, or perhaps GT3 resources that provide a backwards compatible interface.

Internally, we have been making progress on Condor-G submitting to GT3 with the OGSI interfaces. It is not yet ready for release though.

Yes, probably we will opt to write owr own pure java resource broker and scheduler as an OGSI service.


Thanks again, I have the clearer thoughts now.



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