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Re: [condor-users] useless idle ?

that must be it. jobs sometimes didn't get executed in about a minute, which
is less then default 5 min negotiator interval.


> > Heya,
> > I'm the only user on Condor Windows network and when I submit jobs to
> > vanilla universe, they sometimes get executed right away and sometines,
> > stay idle for some time. Why are they not run streight away, when I'm
> > only user ? And when starting condition is set to true ?
> >
> The matchmaking only happens every so often - see the
> NEGOTIATOR_INTERVAL setting in the manual. When you submit a job,
> the schedd sends a request to the central manager asking it to
> perform a matchmaking cycle. The matchmaker is free to ignore that
> request (it might be busy in the middle of another one, or it may
> have decided that not enough time as passed since the last one - at
> a minimum, it will always wait 20 seconds between matchmaking cycle,
> and it is not possible to make that number lower)
> How long are you seeing jobs stay idle? If it's longer than a few
> minutes, something else is happening.
> Thanks,
> -Erik

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