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Re: [condor-users] useless idle ?

idlle issue again. I set NEGOTIATOR_INTERVAL to 20 seconds, but sometimes it
waits for couple of minutes before it sends jobs to other machines. Before
it happens, NegotiatorLog, has this message:
Public ads include 0 submitter, 4 startd
even though, I've submitted some jobs already. Is there some switch
somewhere, where you set how quickly should be the ClassAds dispatched ? Or,
is there some other reason, why Negotiator doesn't see that there were some
jobs submitted ? (like that central manager doesn't pass this information to
it (even though there are no other jobs submitted)?)


> > The matchmaking only happens every so often - see the
> > NEGOTIATOR_INTERVAL setting in the manual. When you submit a job,
> > the schedd sends a request to the central manager asking it to
> > perform a matchmaking cycle. The matchmaker is free to ignore that
> > request (it might be busy in the middle of another one, or it may
> > have decided that not enough time as passed since the last one - at
> > a minimum, it will always wait 20 seconds between matchmaking cycle,
> > and it is not possible to make that number lower)
> >
> > How long are you seeing jobs stay idle? If it's longer than a few
> > minutes, something else is happening.
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > -Erik

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