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Re: [condor-users] Speeding up condor_submit (was Speeding up DAGmansubmits)

Alain Roy wrote:

Ah, I just learned something more about this.

When you do "condor_submit_dag", it triggers a negotiation cycle even though it is a scheduler universe job. The next job won't trigger a negotiation cycle for 20 seconds, because the negotiator tries not to run too frequently. Given the 5 second gap between checks of the log, and I think we have the complete answer.

Probably Condor shouldn't trigger a negotiation cycle for a scheduler universe job. We'll talk about this internally.


thanks for looking into this. My boss, Keith Jackson (you may remember me from Condor week), is not too concerned about the performance "problem", although I was hoping to speed
up negotiator cycles so our workflow GUI can run demo DAGs fairly quickly.

From your message it sounds like the DAG behavior I've described might be changed- so that it won't trigger negotiator cycles, making jobs run even *more* slowly
than they do now.

One thing that occured to me is that for our demo GUI purposes, it might be convenient for us to have a way to trigger negotiator cycles externally. I'm going to poke around
the manual to see if I can do that. i suspect it's possible but just not documented.

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