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Re: [Condor-users] Globus jobs failing using Condor-G

I have successfully tested submitting globus jobs to the teragrid through
condor-g in one of our pools but in the other pool which is firewalled I
could not, I opened up all the ports that globus is supposed to use but still
get the error 74: failed to open stderr

What gives you that error message?

I can do a grid-proxy-init allright but no globus-job-run. Also I just
installed the resource management bundle because on condor-g install page it
said thats all that is needed. Any help would be appreciated

We need a bit more description to help track down the problem. There can be a variety of reasons that Globus submissions fail, and the firewall is just one of the possible problems.

What ports are open on the gatekeeper host?
What ports are open from your submission point?
Where did you open up ports?
What is the exact command when you run globus-job-run?
What is the exact output when you run globus-job-run?
Do you have access to the logfiles on the gatekeeper host?

In general, if the gatekeeper host has a firewall, it needs to set GLOBUS_TCP_PORT_RANGE for the gatekeeper/jobmanager so they know what range of ports have been opened up, and the gatekeeper has to listen on an open port. If that is done, the client doesn't need to worry about anything else.

Information about Globus and firewalls can be found at: