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Re: [Condor-users] questions about remote queue submission

On Fri, Feb 18, 2005 at 01:15:51AM +0800, Carson Hung wrote:
> I have read your post on -n and -r options before.
> It is really very confused for me either.
> Originally, I think that -n is for the one with the same central manager,
> while -r is for the one with different central manager.

No, that's not correct. It has nothing to do with central managers at

-n is really meant for submitting to another schedd on the same machine,
or at least with the same view of the filesystem. condor_submit (or
condor_submit -n) tells the condor_schedd to create a new entry in the
job queue, and what files need to be copied into the spool directory -
but it doesn't actually send the files to the schedd.

-r also tells the schedd create a new entry in the job queue for the
new job, and what files are needed - but then sends the files needed 
to the schedd, so you don't need a shared filesystem between the two of
them (it's actually a lot smarter than that - it creates a job on the remote
schedd with that job in the 'HOLD' state, transfers the files over, and then
releases the job, so we can recover from crashes)