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Re: [Condor-users] how can a condor job connect on a Map networkdrive for windows platform?

ramzi khaskhoussi <ramzi.khaskhoussi@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>Hi John and all,
>same question as Oliver,
>can you give me in detail, if it's possible, how can I mount a drive
>for a condor user in the .bat executable. 

You may find the Windows section of the Condor FAQ helpful, there is a question there about accessing network files from Condor jobs -


In addition to the four solutions mentioned in the FAQ, you could do as others have mentioned and setup your Condor config fille to run jobs as a well-known account that has file server permissions, instead of the default as a dynamic account.

best regards,

Todd Tannenbaum, Condor Project
Department of Computer Science, Univ of Wisconsin-Madison
Email: tannenba@xxxxxxxxxxx - Ph: 608 263 7132

Some thing important I have
>, in my application many users that can read the .bat!
>thanks for 
>On Sat, 19 Feb 2005 00:25:34 -0800, John Wheez <john@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> when the condor program runs on windows it makes a condor user
>> automatically...then erases teh user when it is done.
>> Therefore, a solution is to have condor execute a bat script as the
>> executable...and in that bat script you mount the drive.
>> downside is that a username and password are revealed to anyone who can
>> read the .bat file
>> JW
>> ramzi khaskhoussi wrote:
>> >Hi all,
>> >
>> >I have shared some directories to all my windows machine pool by using
>> >the Map network drive( X: ).
>> >
>> >when I use this directories without condor all things work fine.
>> >
>> >But the problem is : when I submit a job  that use  this map network
>> >drive ( for example to tar a file.tar.gz that exists in the network
>> >drive x:)  there is a problem. condor can't access to this network
>> >drive X:
>> >I get this error in the .err file:
>> >
>> > tar (child): /cygdrive/x/gz/apa_comp_pro64.tar.gz: Cannot open: No
>> >such file or directory.
>> >
>> >I ask if someone can help me?
>> >
>> >thanks ,
>> >--Ramzi
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