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RE: [Condor-users] Why could this match not be made?

> > I have a set of jobs that target one specific machine in my 
> pool. The 
> > machine has:
> > 
> > START = (Target.Owner =?= "ichesal)
> On a similar note,
> I wanted to specify (for testing purposes):
> START = (Target.Name =?= "machine.dl.ac.uk")

You want to start a job iff it comes from a particular machine in your
cluster? Is that what you're looking to do?

I would just define a custom class ad attribute in my job:

+SubmittingMachine = "ttc-ichesal.altera.com"

And then query that:

START = (Target.SubmittingMachine =?= "ttc-ichesal.altera.com")

> Would that work? How about on a dual processor system?

I think what I'm proposing will work. Not sure why dual procs would
matter in this case.

- Ian