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RE: [Condor-users] memory and image size requirement

> Is there any way to turn off or bypass the default 
> requirement for ((Memory * 1024) >= ImageSize)? We sometimes 
> need to run programs that don't fit in RAM.  I had a user 
> start a (vanilla) job, get preempted, but then have the job 
> stick in the queue because no machine had more RAM than it's 
> image size.  I tried playing with the _APPEND options, but 
> since the image size requirement is &&'ed in, I couldn't see 
> any way to get these sorts of jobs to run....

If you specifically write in your job's requirements expression
something that references Memory, then condor_submit won't automatically
fill it in for you. We have the same situation here, where available
virtual memory is more important than half the available physical
memory, so I add to our job requirements:

(VirtualMemory >= ImageSize) && (Memory =!= Undefined)

You need that (Memory =!= Undefined) to keep condor_submit from filling
in a comparison with ImageSize for you. Hope that helps.

- Ian