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RE: [Condor-users] Job submission - generic user GUI available?

> For this i had to use sudo command to allow the web server to 
> execute condor_submit as the intended user. The WWW page 
> gahered the required username and used a cookie to store it...etc.
> Also the condor_submit command allows you to specify which 
> schedd to send the request to..so i used this to send the 
> submission request to the users machine.
> i suppose i could have used some method to hace theWWW server 
> actually launch condor_submit from the users loccal 
> machine...but i never messed around with any of that..
> One problem i had was if a linux machine had to send a job to 
> a windows sched, it would fail...so try putting you www 
> server on a windows based machine if your users are using 
> windows....your file srver can still be linux or whatever though.

The SOAP interface to the schedd that's available in the 6.7.x binaries
might help here. You should be able to write the user into the SOAP
submission ad which means no sudo is necessary (so you don't need to run
it on a Linux box) and since file transfer in SOAP is done with MIME
encoding it will work cross platform. Of course, this trades one
headache for another: you now have to write all the explicit gory
details about your cluster and lose the nice syntax expansion that comes
with the condor_submit binary and submit files.

- Ian