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Re: [Condor-users] copying executable on submission

Are you making use of $$(arch) or $$(opsys) variables in your executable name?

Have you defined "TransferExecutable" to be false in the config

Either of these will stop the transfer at this point.

Globus universe also default the value to false not true though this
should not affect you if you specified it directly.

Thanks. I don't think its any of these though.

My full Condor job is

Executable = /usera/jonesc/condor-test.csh
Universe   = vanilla
Requirements = Memory >= 480
Rank = Memory >= 800
output = a.output
error = a.error
Log = condor.log
getenv = true
copy_to_spool = true

So, what I am hoping I can get is for condor to take a copy of /usera/jonesc/condor-test.csh at the moment of submission, so I can then edit the ecript for other jobs etc., without affecting the job(s) waiting in the system.