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Re: [Condor-users] nwsmeta-scheduler (I/O, Network communication, cpu utilization)


How are you measuring the bandwidth of your networks and how do you the "communication cost" of an application. Also, do you have a policy in mind for how the scheduler will "take care" of CPU and network utilization. For example, are you willing to let an application wait longer in order to reduce network consumption?


At 04:45 PM 10/29/2005, Geri Foster wrote:
Thanks for your answer.
you are right about condor-G.
But the problem is that our condor pool are located at two distant location and we have to take network bandwidth also into account.
Now we are looking for a Meta scheduler which sends the job to that cluster which takes less Network communication cost.
So Is there any meta scheduler which takes care of both cpu utilization and network communication cost at a time.
Thanks in advance.