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[Condor-users] Condor from Knoppix


I'm trying to create a set of startup scripts that will mount a shared condor directory and run condor from that directory. Once I get these scripts complete, I hope to put them on a custom Knoppix livecd. I'm having problems, however, with this setup...

The shared condor directory (/home/condor) is on a Rocks-installed head node, and it is running a dynamically-linked version of condor 6.7.12. I've got the nfs configuration completed to allow any machine in our cs department mount /home/condor. I'm getting "segmentation fault" errors when trying to run condor_master. Since this version of condor is dynamically-linked, I wasn't quite sure where to go next. I have the latest Knoppix (4.0.2), which is debian based. Are there any dependencies it may need resolved? Anyone else have any luck mounting a hfs-shared condor directory and executing condor from that share?


Matt Baker
University of Arkansas