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Re: [Condor-users] howto avoid that a job is being evicted


Yes, you are right. The RANK expression sets the preferences of the machine (i.e. what jobs the machine prefers to run). The DEFAULT_RANK expression sets the default preferences of the job (i.e. what machines the job wants to run on). The machine RANK is the one that can cause preemption of jobs unless you adjust other portions of your policy, as described earlier in this thread.


On Mar 3, 2006, at 6:08 AM, Harald van Pee wrote:

Hi all,

lets try to answer my own question:
goes to to startd, the
to the submit node,
therefore I can use them at the same time.


Many Thanks

On Friday 03 March 2006 12:34 pm, Harald van Pee wrote:
Many thanks for this answer. This would help me much.
But I have one problem with rank.

- I use more virtuell machines than I have cpu's (this is because I want
that all users get cpu power instantly, I will add as much cpu's as
possible so there will be not more than 2 jobs per cpu)
-  I use default_rank to use free machines first (higher rank for vm1)

now the question:
can I use the default_rank and a constant rank at the same time?
I use one configuration file (not shared) which is the same on each
machine, in this I use the
can I use know a rank=0 statement in the local configuration file at the
same time?

My problem is: if I use
is then the default_rank still used?
If I understand it correct rank=0 ist the default. Therefore if
and default_rank can be used at the same time my problem would be solved?

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