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Re: [Condor-users] Visually design Condor DAGs

Thanks for your reply. Actually, I was trying to identify if there
exists a solution to do it or if it would be otherwise interesting to
have one. I am working on a thesis in the area of grid computing and I
am trying to identify candidate developments that I could undertake
while adding value to the grid community.

I have seen some workflow solutions - the latest one I've been playing
with is Taverna - that allow people with not so much computing
background to design experiments, and at the same time I found that
Condor's handling of DAGs seems to be quite mature, so I figured it
might make sense to make some kind of mix between those approaches.

I would love to see some kind of Condor DAG handling with Taverna - if that is possible. I'm new to Condor so I'm not sure if that is possible, even on a conceptual level.

I think that the Taverna people might be open to helping with that too. It would certainly widen the appeal of Taverna in research areas other than bio-informatics. Something I know they are keen to do.