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Re: [Condor-users] Getting 6.8.6 for Solaris 9?

Right, but ESX allows you to run any OS at about the same speed of the hardware
itself, not just Linux, since it's an incredibly striped down version of RH
(last version I used, anyway).  Xen, on the other hand, is a good option if you
only want Linux VMs *and* if you haven't already forked over the cash for the
ESX Server software ;)


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Ben Burnett wrote:
> With the new VM universe does this mean Condor startd's run on VMWare's
> bare metal Linux distribution? I'm most interested in using VMs on the
> OS distribution that supports paravirtualized drivers so we can run very
> near to native speed inside VMs. With VMWare the only way I know of to
> get this is to use their strippped down, bare metal, esX Linux server
> distribution. Have your VM universe guys been testing with this distro
> or have they just been running the free VMWare player on top of say RHEL
> or OEL or CentOS?
> <<<
> Currently, VM Universe only supports VMware Server, not the Player;
> VMware Server is also free.  I've never actually been able to get an ESX
> running properly on my hardware, but since there is some interest in it, I'll
> take another stab at this weekend and see if it provides the tools VM Universe
> requires in order to interact with VMs (i.e. the vmrun command line tool).
> Regards,
> -B

The VM Universe on the Linux side can manage Xen VMs, which will get you 
  your paravirtualized speedup. The current model is submission /of/ a 
VM, i.e. disk w/ job + kernel, instead of submission /to/ a VM, i.e. 
just job.


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