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Re: [Condor-users] Getting 6.8.6 for Solaris 9?

> So far I've only been able to look at an ESX Server version 
> 2.5.1, which does
> have some of the capabilities that VM Universe needs (the 
> script is called
> vmware-cmd, instead of vmrun [which I take to be the norm on 
> Linux anyway]).

I replied to your email yesterday about getting you a newer version of
ESX server but the message bounced back. Just sent it again to your
Wisconsin address.

> Unfortunately, it does not seem to support snapshots from the 
> command line,
> which is rather crippling to the VM Universe, as it does not 
> allow for the
> differences to be sent back to the submit-host.  But if you 
> don't need that
> functionality, then that's irrelevant.  

That's unfortunate. Does that mean you can't migrate a running condor VM
universe session? That you'd lose forward progress?
> The version I looked at will also need to have mkisofs added, 
> as VM Universe
> uses this to simulate input files as CD-ROM images.  It may take some
> experimenting, but I don't see any reason why it would not 
> work on an ESX
> server, if one were to consider all the VMs on it as 
> pre-stanged (instead of
> transferring them as part of the job, which is also an 
> option). Fortunately the
> interface logic for VM Universe has been off-loaded to a Perl 
> script, so any
> modification that are required would most likely go there.

Sounds good. Thanks for looking this.

> Hope that helps.

It does. It's always easier if the first pass is done by you guys in
Wisconsin. Thanks!

- Ian

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