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Re: [Condor-users] Getting 6.8.6 for Solaris 9?

That's unfortunate. Does that mean you can't migrate a running condor VM
universe session? That you'd lose forward progress?

Unfortunately that is correct (assuming version 3.x does not support it either).
Currently there is no mechanism for handing-off, so to speak, a running VM to
another host: it must be check-pointed, transferred, and then restored. The only
mechanism I can gather from the documentation is that ESX will allow you to
transfer running VMs without a loss of state nor network connectivity; however,
there is no way of telling the host's Condor instance that it is now "in charge"
of that VM (nor do I even know what that would really mean in this context,
since the execute directory would not be transferred by the ESX service).

If it's possible on ESX to run a VM within another VM, then I can think of a way
of doing it; but as far as I am aware VMware does not currently support running
a VM within a VM (I even tried running VMware inside Virtual PC, and it failed
too [although it did install and start the service--executing the VM crashed it,