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Re: [Condor-users] Condor commands execution using system() function in C++

Hi Ian,

Continuing on the problem I am facing with the system() function and the
condor commands, I was wondering if you happen to have any insight if the
problem is operating system specific. I mean, if the problem is a problem
with Windows and not with Unix, may be that way, I can help myself. Can you
guide me further.

Thank You


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> If that is the really the case, seems like we might not be able to do
> something about it can we?

Condor team says it'll be fixed in 7.2.2 -- but if you're installing
from the MSI it should be fine. The problem was only seen in the .zip

Can you run Dependcy Walker (depends.exe) against the executable and
dump the output? That could confirm the problem.

You want to run something like:

System("depends.exe /c /pa:1 /od:condor_status.dwi

Have Condor transfer back condor_status.dwi. And analyze that file
post-run with:

depends.exe condor_status.dwi

That file will tell you if any DLLs couldn't be found when
condor_status.exe was being profiled.

- Ian

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