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Re: [Condor-users] condor_status hostname : why can't I use IP number instead of hostname?

Steven Timm wrote:

>> Is there a way I can tell condor_status to always treat a hostname AS IF
>> it had an @-sign in it, so that it 'will leave the hostname alone'?
>> That seems to be the only option to make it work for me with single-core PCs......
> Alternatively, you could define at least 2 slots even on
> the single core PC's and then it will work too.  The number
> of slots is user-definable and the name of the startd daemon
> probably is too, if you know what you are doing.

Hmm, wasn't aware of this option.
However, it seems a bit too artificial to me and requires extra work
to refrain Condor from overloading the single slot with double jobs!
And all that, simply to resolve the hostname of a single core system....

I really hope that in a next release Condor could be fixed by either using
slot1@hostname for single slot machines, or use the hostname 'as is'
when gethostbyname() fails (instead of bailing out, as it does now).