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Re: [Condor-users] condor_status hostname : why can't I use IP number instead of hostname?


> > Use -constraint for now, e.g. condor_status -constraint 'Name == "pm37"'
> Yes, I know that and I already have used it.
> It kept me happy for a while, until I wanted to use the
> "-direct hostname" with condor_status. This requires the hostname;
> you can't 'escape' with constraints.
> Actually that's how I discovered the buggy-ish hostname resolution
> in condor_status.

Here is an alternative to using "-direct":

To do a "-direct" like query of the entire pool:

for STARTD in $(condor_status -format "%s\n" StartdIpAddr | uniq)
   condor_status -pool $STARTD

Or for a single machine:

STARTD=$(condor_status -constraint 'Name == "pm37"' -format "%s\n" StartdIpAddr | uniq)
condor_status -pool $STARTD

I hope this helps.

Daniel K. Forrest		Space Science and
dan.forrest@xxxxxxxxxxxxx	Engineering Center
(608) 890 - 0558		University of Wisconsin, Madison