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Re: [Condor-users] Intel Core i7 processors?

On 4/13/10 3:59 PM, Erik Paulson wrote:
Is your benchmark:

A) The same program as your Condor job
B) Operating on the realistic data, ideally actual data?

There should be virtually no difference between running a program
through Condor on a machine and logging into that machine and running
it by hand. Anything other than that may or may not be a useful
predictor of performance.

I initially benchmarked the two machines using GeekBench. The old Opteron-based machine scored 3323, the new i7 machine scored 7971.

After I put the new node into service, I had one of my users submit four identical jobs...two to the new node, two to an old node. The i7-based machine finished in ~100 hours, the Opteron-based machine finished in ~120 hours. This is obviously not the result I was expecting.

The Core i7 processor has a number of new technologies in it, and my initial thought was that one of these technologies may be causing problems. That's why I asked if anybody else is using i7's, just to see if others are getting similar results.


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