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Re: [Condor-users] DAG of DAGs

> Even if the vars usage you want worked at the DAG level, I don't think
> this would get you what you want.  If you're queuing 150 jobs, all
> with the same value for $(procid), all of your jobs will write to the
> same output file, which will mean that you'll only actually get the
> output back for whichever one finishes last; the earlier ones will be
> overwritten by the last one. 

I have recently been thinking about a similar situation, regarding
merged STDOUT.  We are already doing something like this with a per-node
results file that gets merged into a per-DAG aggregated results file
simply by "cat node-XXXX-results.dat >> dag-results.dat" in the node
POST script, and we haven't had any problems with concurrent IO (we can
have 30-50 nodes finishing a second) -- I was worried this might be a

To merge STDOUT into a single file for the whole DAG using node POST
scripts may be more problematic -- STDOUT can be thousands of lines
long, and 100-200 KB.  That would be adding 10 MB a second (with a node
completion rate of 50 Hz) to the merged file.  Even if bash properly
synchronized and locked the output file descriptor, we may end up with a
backlog that would cause a load spike (just from process IO

For the moment, we only merge the results at the end of the DAG.

Perspectives on our proposed STDOUT merge via POST script would be


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