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Re: [Condor-users] USER_JOB_WRAPPER

Thanks Todd!

You wrote,

> Could you please also confirm if the following is correct,
> If I define in the .sub file transfer_executable = true, then the 
> executable file will be transferred to the var/lib/condor/execute 
> directory of the execute machine.
> Is this correct?

Yes.  Actually, it will be transferred into a dynamically created 
subdirectory of the directory specified by EXECUTE in the condor_config. 
Note that transfer_executable is True by default.


According to the description of the USER_JOB_WRAPPER setting,  I need to define in the wrapper program where the executable file is located.

"The command-line arguments passed to this program (wrapper program) will include the full-path to the actual user job which should be executed, followed by all the command-line parameters to pass to the user job."

I wonder how do I know the name of the dynamically created subdirectory into which the executable file is transferred?

On other words, how should I define the "full-path to the actual user job which should be executed"?

Best regards,