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Re: [Condor-users] USER_JOB_WRAPPER

Dear Todd and Ian,


I thought I needed to explicitly indicate in the wrapper program the path to the executable file.


But if I understood you right, Todd, Condor tells to my job wrapper where the file is located.

And as you said Ian, the wrapper doesn't have to be in the same directory where the job will run from.

That's great.


Now, the question is:

I would like that Condor runs the job file using the following command (on Linux),

wine cmd /c condor_exec.bat


where condor_exec.bat is the transferred file.


How should the wrapper program (my_job_wrapper.sh) look like?

Could it simply be,



wine cmd /c condor_exec.bat

exec "$@"



…doing like this the job gets held.



Or do I have to define



wine cmd /c /var/lib/condor/execute/dirxxx/condor_exec.bat

exec "$@"




Thanks for your help!

I still have lots to learn… but this is quite interesting and very useful! : )




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Sónia Liléo wrote:

> Thanks Todd!



> You wrote,


> ________________________________________________

>> Could you please also confirm if the following is correct,


>> If I define in the .sub file transfer_executable = true, then the

>> executable file will be transferred to the var/lib/condor/execute

>> directory of the execute machine.


>> Is this correct?



> Yes.  Actually, it will be transferred into a dynamically created

> subdirectory of the directory specified by EXECUTE in the

> condor_config. Note that transfer_executable is True by default.


> __________________________________________________


> According to the description of the USER_JOB_WRAPPER setting,  I need

> to define in the wrapper program where the executable file is

> located.


> "The command-line arguments passed to this program (wrapper program)

> will include the full-path to the actual user job which should be

> executed, followed by all the command-line parameters to pass to the

> user job."


> I wonder how do I know the name of the dynamically created

> subdirectory into which the executable file is transferred?


> On other words, how should I define the "full-path to the actual user

> job which should be executed"?


As it says above, the full path to the user job is passed to your job

wrapper on the command line.  Your job wrapper doesn't need to worry

about finding the dynamically created subdirectory, since that

subdirectory will be included as the basename in the "full-path to the

actual user job" which is passed to your job wrapper.  Did that help

clarify?  If not, then I am not understanding your question...






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