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Re: [Condor-users] Are "optional machine-specific local config files" executable

>> Hmmm, not sure what you gain there,
>> ...
> Gain? I never said it was a good solution, only *a* solution. :)
> ...
> Rather than keep configurations on disk, which even when shared,
> require careful management....

So you loosen the requirements for "careful management"? (I jest!)

The underlying issue I was trying to solve (does a machine have the
Matlab Compiler Runtime deployed or not?) is actually quite simple
and lends itself really nicely to the "run a .BAT file so as to
interrogate the local machine" approach, which I am sure I can get
our central folk to deploy if only I can package something for them,
so that they can deploy that something and just have it work.

Furthermore, populating the ClassAds dynamically, based on what a
.BAT can see and report back, actually removes the need for our
central folk to then have to maintain the configs that your,
admittedly elegant, solution would then have to pull.

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