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Re: [Condor-users] setting up condor pool

Yes, this will probably do what I need it to do. But it does not seem to be working for me. I created this very simple perl script

#!/usr/bin/env perl
print "filenames = \"3\"\n";

It has execute permissions so no issues there. I then add this to my global condor config file.


CRON_JOBLIST = $(CRON_JOBLIST) add_filenames
CRON_kernel_PREFIX = add_filenames_
CRON_kernel_EXECUTABLE = $(HOME)/condor.$(HOSTNAME)/local/add_filenames
CRON_kernel_PERIOD = 1h
CRON_kernel_MODE = periodic
CRON_kernel_RECONFIG = false
CRON_kernel_KILL = true
CRON_kernel_ARGS =

I then to a condor_restart followed by a condor_reconfig, just to be safe. At this point I believe I have two ways of finding out whether or not this worked. I could do a 'condor_status -long' or a 'condor_config_val add_filenames_filenames'. Neither of which, unfortunately, works.

On the other hand, if I hardcode the value of 'filenames' in my local condor config files, the result is slightly different. I am still not able to get a classad attribute 'filenames' if I query condor_status. But I am able to see one if I execute 'condor_config_val filenames'. Hence my confusion. And I really do appreciate the help. Thanks!


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On 2/15/2012 5:18 PM, Pervez, Salman wrote:
> That helps, but unfortunately I am not quite there yet. It would be
> helpful if someone were to talk me through some of these details. So
> far it looks like there are three possible ways to modify the classad
> for a machine.

All the possible ways are covered in the Condor Manual, but I realize
the Manual, albeit reasonably complete, is not a quick read...

Did you take a peek at the quick configuration HOWTOs at


Specifically, the one listed there titled "How to insert custom ClassAd
attributes into a machine ad" may be helpful to you:




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