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Re: [HTCondor-users] Jobs on Windows and heterogeneous pool

Then you can test your drive assignments. The pushd will assign a drive Z (or the next highest drive letter that is free) to your remote folder, and will allow you to reference it. The second pushd will take you back to the folder where you are executing your analysis. Popd will take you back out again, and will remove the assignment.

I think that your problem is that you are trying to access a drive that Condor does know about. You have to use a batch file to define the location of the remote folder and then to call the executable. You cannot simply specify the blast.exe executable in the submit file.

universe = vanilla
executable = test2.cmd
transfer_executable = True
should_transfer_files = True
when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT
error = job-error.$(Cluster).$(Process).txt
log = job-log.$(Cluster).$(Process).txt
output = job-output.$(Cluster).$(Process).txt
requirements 		= ( OpSys == "WINDOWS" )
run_as_owner = true
echo I am:
echo Directory is %cd%
echo Environment variables are:
set data_dir=%cd%
echo Data Directory is %data_dir%
pushd "\\your_server\your_folder\Executables"
set exec_dir=%cd%
echo Executable Directory is %exec_dir%
rem | dir
pushd %data_dir%
echo Current directory is %cd%
# call the executable here once you have everything else sorted out
# Z:\xxxx\xxx\blastn.exe
# release the pushd...

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