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Re: [HTCondor-users] Windows - Condor 8.4.1 - queue command in submit file

On 11/20/15 1:04 AM, Greg.Hitchen@xxxxxxxx wrote:
> #!/bin/bash
> ls -1 *.dat

Some advice:

Use /bin/sh rather than /bin/bash. /bin/sh will always exist on every
UNIX and UNIX-like system you come across. GNU BASH isn't universal and
it isn't always found as /bin/bash.

Always be explicit about paths to binaries whenever possible. A common
problem is that several shells' built-in echo don't work the same way as
/bin/echo with regards to certain switches such as -n. Use explicit
paths like /bin/ls to avoid inconsistent behavior problems down the line.

A less well known option is to add "-x" to your shebang:

 /bin/sh -x

This enables trace mode so you can see what the script is doing and
where it fails, and hopefully identify why.

Rich Pieri <ratinox@xxxxxxx>
MIT Laboratory for Nuclear Science