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From: Marc Jackson - NOAA Affiliate <marc.jackson@xxxxxxxx>
Date: 07/18/2016 10:06 AM

> Thank you for your response. The issue I'm having is, I'm trying to set
> the priority factor for the group. Not a user. I am able to set the
> priority factor for users with no problems. However this is the error I'm
> getting when I try to set the priority factor for groups:
> ]# condor_userprio -setfactor group_pseudo_operational_processing 10
> condor_userprio: You must specify the full name of the submittor you wish
>         to update the priority of (user@xxxxxxxxxx or user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

> Also when I add the full domain for the group, the groups priority stays
> the same. I guess my question is:

> Is it possible to change the priority factor for condor groups, and if so how?

Interesting... Suppose you just use "-delete" to remove that group from the
accountant records? Seems like at that point it would have no choice but to
pick up the new configuration setting the next time a job came in under
that group.

The nuclear option would be to zero out or remove $(SPOOL)/Accountantnew.log,
I guess, and let it get recreated.

        -Michael Pelletier.