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Re: [HTCondor-users] Abaqus + JobWrapper: Unable to kill job via condor_rm

Dear Christoph,

thank you very much for your help! At first, it works (almost).

I don't see the necessity for your 2-lin bash script, should not something like:

executable = /opt/Abaqus/Commands/abq2017
arguments= job=sim01_NI1100 input=sim01_NI1100.inp user=umat.f inter

Be more straight forward ?

In my case, this leads to:

cat errorfile

ABAQUS Error: Wrapper executable "condor_exec.exe" has not been found.

If you want to stick to your script do something like:

sh /opt/Abaqus/Commands/abq2017 "$@"

or maybe:

cd /opt/Abaqus/Commands
./abq2017 "$@
If I change my script runAbaqus.sh to

cat runAbaqus.sh
/opt/Abaqus/Commands/abq2017 "$@"

then, condor is able to run AND kill the job. Unfortunately, the abaqus

job seems not to be killed nicely with SIGTERM. Usually, if any abaqus
job is killed

using SIGTERM, then a corresponding entry in the abaqus log file
indicates this circumstance.