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Re: [condor-users] useless idle ?

Submitter ads are what the schedd send to the collector when it has jobs
to be matched. It sends one ad per user. You can query all the submitter
ads on the collector with "condor_status -submitter". Without a submitter
ad, the negotiator doesn't know your schedd has jobs that need matching.
Either your schedd isn't sending its submitter ad(s) in a timely manner or
they're not reaching the collector. The ads are sent via UDP, which can be
a problem on heavily-loaded networks. You can try using the
TCP_UPDATE_COLLECTORS config parameter to have the ads sent using TCP

- Jaime

On Tue, 23 Mar 2004, Michal Sankot wrote:

> Hi,
> idlle issue again. I set NEGOTIATOR_INTERVAL to 20 seconds, but sometimes it
> waits for couple of minutes before it sends jobs to other machines. Before
> it happens, NegotiatorLog, has this message:
> -----
> Public ads include 0 submitter, 4 startd
> -----
> even though, I've submitted some jobs already. Is there some switch
> somewhere, where you set how quickly should be the ClassAds dispatched ? Or,
> is there some other reason, why Negotiator doesn't see that there were some
> jobs submitted ? (like that central manager doesn't pass this information to
> it (even though there are no other jobs submitted)?)
> Thanks,
> Michal
> > > The matchmaking only happens every so often - see the
> > > NEGOTIATOR_INTERVAL setting in the manual. When you submit a job,
> > > the schedd sends a request to the central manager asking it to
> > > perform a matchmaking cycle. The matchmaker is free to ignore that
> > > request (it might be busy in the middle of another one, or it may
> > > have decided that not enough time as passed since the last one - at
> > > a minimum, it will always wait 20 seconds between matchmaking cycle,
> > > and it is not possible to make that number lower)
> > >
> > > How long are you seeing jobs stay idle? If it's longer than a few
> > > minutes, something else is happening.
> > >
> > > Thanks,
> > >
> > > -Erik
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