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Re: [Condor-users] copying executable on submission

You shouldn't, the logic is basically unchanged from 6.6.x to 6.7.x

You are aware that the copied file is renamed in the spool dir yes?

yes, I am. OK, let me go through a use-case, to show what goes wrong. Maybe that will help explain.

I have a Condor.job file containing

Executable = /usera/jonesc/condor-test.csh
Universe   = vanilla
Requirements = Memory >= 480
Rank = Memory >= 800
output = a.output
error = a.error
Log = condor.log
getenv = true
copy_to_spool = true
hold = true

(same as before, just with hold = true to make sure it doesn't start straight away)

I then, "simulate" changing the script condor-test.csh by removing it. This is what I want to be able to do without affecting previously submitted jobs.
I then release the job to let it run.
What I would like condor to have done is to have taken a copy of /usera/jonesc/condor-test.csh straight after submission, and then when the job runs to run that script instead. However, what I get in the log file is

013 (027.000.000) 05/06 17:04:58 Job was released.
via condor_release (by user jonesc)
001 (027.000.000) 05/06 17:05:01 Job executing on host: <removed>
007 (027.000.000) 05/06 17:05:01 Shadow exception!
Error from starter on pcfc: Failed to execute '/usera/jonesc/condor-test.csh condor_exec.exe': No such file or directory
0 - Run Bytes Sent By Job
0 - Run Bytes Received By Job

i.e. It is trying to run the script /usera/jonesc/condor-test.csh. So, my question is is there any way I can get condor to take a copy and run that instead ?

cheers Chris