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Re: [Condor-users] Heterogeneous Meta scheduling


Is there any in-depth documentation of these features, in particular the Condor->PBS interface? I've looked through the 6.7.12 manual and must admit that nothing obvious leaps out at me. I'm particularly interested in getting Condor and Torque to cooperate.

Cheers for any pointers,

Miron Livny wrote:


Condor-G can be used as a scheduler by leveraging its matchmaking capabilities. Jobs can be kept in the Condor-G queue while waiting for the "right match". You can use Condor tools like HawkEye to collect information from the potential sites and send them to the matchmaker. Several sites/projects use Condor-G in this capacity. Recently, with the help of our European collaborators, we added to Condor "direct" interfaces to PBS and LSF. With our recent work on supporting the delegation of Condor jobs from one SchedD to another SchedD (Condor-C), one can construct heterogeneous schedulers with several layers of matchmaking.


At 08:10 AM 10/5/2005, you wrote:

Hello Ashiq Anjum

I am sorry to correct you and I might be wrong, but as far as I know,
Condor-G is not a meta-scheduler.
Condor-G is a submission engine. It is used to submit jobs to any local
scheduler (Condor, PBS, etc..) according to Globus API. Condor-G
actually uses GRAM and extends it with more capabilities (such as
multiple job submission, DAGMAN and more ) to do the actual submission
and job control work.

Meta scheduler are: either CSF, Resource Broker used in LCG or others.

Best Regards,

Gabriel Kliot
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

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I will suggest to use Condor-G which provides a meta scheduling capability in assocaition with Globus.

The second option can be to use Community Scheduling
Framework(CSF) from Platform Computing. CSF in combination
with Globus GRAM can be a viable Meta Scheduling approach.

Best Regards
Ashiq Anjum

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We are in the process of designing a campus wide grid
spanning different departments. Where each department has their own
scheduler(condor,pbs,SGE) running.  We have also decided
on Globus to provide the grid infrastructure. We are bit
fuzzy on the meta scheduler or hierarchical scheduler which
will accept a job request from Globus and hand over to one of
the local schedulers. In brief below is the architecture on table.

                     Meta Scheduler (which Meta scheduler
can fit here)
     |                         |                               |
     V                         V                               V
       Condor                        SGE

Any suggestion is appreciated.

Geri Foster

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