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Re: [Condor-users] Condor-G for multiple Grid Types

Jaime Frey wrote:
> On Jun 8, 2006, at 11:17 AM, Emir Imamagic wrote:
>> Hi,
>>> condor_submit will automatically insert in the job classAD
>>>    x509userproxy = VALUE_OF_ENV_VAR_X509_USER_PROXY
>>> for several cases such as
>>>    universe  = grid
>>>    grid_type = gt4
>>>    grid_resource = gt4 $$(gatekeeper_url) $$(job_manager_type)
>>> but not for
>>>    universe  = grid
>>>    grid_type = gt4
>>>    grid_resource = $$(resource_name)
>>> so it looks like I need to write a wrapper around condor_submit
>>> which will do the insertion.
>> you're absolutely right here, Condor should add this attribute (either
>> by using default path or env variable).
>> Since I install development versions as they're released, at certain
>> point (around 6.7.15 or 16) I got the same error as you. From that
>> point
>> I simply assumed that this attribute is mandatory and started
>> adding it
>> to all job scripts. Never bothered to dig a little deeper. Let's hope
>> that next release will solve this problem...
> The problem is that not all grid universe job types need an x509
> proxy. Currently, if X509UserProxy is defined in the job ad, Condor
> assumes the proxy is required by the job and must be present. So we
> want condor_submit to automatically add X509UserProxy for job types
> that always need a proxy (gt2, gt4), but not for job types that don't
> necessarily require one (condor, non-grid universes).
> Once you do match-making, condor_submit has no idea what type the job
> will eventually be, so we can't have it set X509UserProxy
> automatically. Users who's jobs only match with condor-c resources
> will be surprised and annoyed if condor_submit tells them they're
> missing a proxy.

Yes, in some casess it is not possible to know that
the resource matched will be a gtX resource.

However, I think that the following job description
should "tell" condor_submit that this is a gt4 job:

$ cat  condorg.jdl
universe  = grid
grid_type = gt4
grid_resource = $$(resource_name)
Requirements = (TARGET.resource_name =!= UNDEFINED)  \
            && (TARGET.grid_type     =!= UNDEFINED) \
            && (TARGET.grid_type =?= "gt4" )

In order to get the above to work I need to insert in the .jdl file

  x509userproxy = ...

but if I change only one line so that I do not use $$(resource_name)

 grid_resource = gt4 $$(gatekeeper_url) $$(job_manager_type)

then condor_submit inserts the x509userproxy attribute automatically.

So my feeling is that a few cases when condor_submit
could have set x509userproxy have been overlooked in the
condor_submit code.