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Re: [Condor-users] VM Universe in Windows Condor 7.0.0: cannot runVM universe jobs (no networking)

Hi Ben

Yes I did this, and all the steps you detailed in your site at
http://ben.versionzero.org/wiki/Work#Condor_How-Tos (a useful resource,
for which thanks).

After more investigation, I found the following:

1. I needed to add the following line to the condor_vmgahp_config.vmware
in order to force the copied virtual machine to have an ethernet card
and be able to communicate with the network:

+Ethernet0.present = "TRUE"

2. I needed to configure the VM to auto-logon as user "condor" in order
for the Condor service to be able to start correctly (see
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/315231): without this it appears to fail
due to not being able to contact the master node.

If these things really are necessary, some mention of them should
perhaps be added to the manual.

Now that networking seems to be working, please can I ask two more

Q1. Firstly, how does the VM get shut down? Do I have to shut down the
VM as part of my job, or does Condor do this automatically somehow? (I
am assuming that the job must be specified via an ISO file representing
an autoplay CD that initiates the job, but haven't found a clear
tutorial example anywhere).

Q2. You replied to the list on 8 Jan regarding the ability of Condor to
run the VM universe on Windows under credentials other than System,
saying that the required functionality was not yet present in Windows.
It doesn't seem to be in 7.0.0. Is there a timeframe for this to be

Thanks again for your help!

Malcolm Wilkins

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