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Re: [Condor-users] KeyBoard Idle Time infinite

David McBride wrote:
In testing, I found that any keyboard event results in an atime update,
regardless of whether the event was captured by an xterm, a Thunderbird message
window, a Firefox URL bar, or simply a modifier-key captured by the window manager.


Hi David -

The above is great news. I was under the (apparently false) impression that the atimes on keyboard devices were never updated if the keyboard is USB. If I am reading you correctly, you are saying that atimes are indeed updated on ttyS with USB keyboards, and the only remaining problem is USB mice (which we could potentially do a read on the device like Preston mentioned).

Thanks David,

It's simple to test to see whether it works for yourself:

  * In one terminal, run `watch -n0 stat /dev/ttyN` (where N is the the TTY
    managed by your session, probably '7' -- check with `w` output.)
  * Whilst watching the atime field in the terminal, experiment with different
    classes of keyboard input..

With non-USB keyboard, Condor would catch that activity by atime changes on /dev/keyboard and /dev/mouse, but atimes do not change with USB devices on an unpatched kernel....