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[Condor-users] Don't want requeueing on eviction


I'm having trouble finding the right way to setup things
so that jobs that are evicted will not be requeued and rerun.
i.e. they will finish and have output files available for viewing.

I think? this can be done in the submit file?

I have been fiddling with 

stream_output = True
when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT_OR_EVICT
on_exit_remove = (ExitBySignal == True)

But this is not producing the desired result.
No doubt I am doing something dumb and not understanding
some concept properly.

We are running some test jobs that periodically output
any processes using the cpu. This is to try and figure out why
we are suddenly getting so many suspensions and evictions
when running jobs overnight, when is the past this has not
been happening.

Windows execute and submit nodes running condor 6.8.3
and linux CM running 6.8.0