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Re: [Condor-users] How to start/restart Condor morequickly on Windows

Hi Matt:

> I was under the impression that condor now waits for some others
> services to start *before* attempting to add itself as an exemption.

Condor certainly does not wait at the service control level, but, as
you say, it does in the code, which is where the problem lies.

> By disabling the addition it also disables the wait.
> The wait may be a simple sleep(), or a very slow poll on some other
> service (I can't remember off hand which one you have to wait for to
> be ok to start messing with the firewall) since I wouldn't have
> thought that this service would take 5mins, nor that it would
> consistently take that exact amount of time.

>From a brief look at the code, is seems that the firewall code looks
for the current firewall profile using a simple sleep(10*1000) as a
polling interval, as you suggested, which it tries 
WINDOWS_FIREWALL_FAILURE_RETRY times (which defaults to 60 itself) 
which is 10*1000*60 milliseconds, or 10 minutes. So, if the firewall 
is off, this would account for the consistent delay in startup.  

Not ideal, for sure, but because we want our service to run 
independently of whether or not the firewall is enabled, it 
would seem that this is/was a reasonable approach.  

And keep in mind, this delay is only this bad when the firewall is
off; when it is on, you will rarely see any delays because of the
firewall rules we add.

Ideally, we should check if the firewall is off first, instead
of pooling for a possibly non-existent firewall policy/profile.