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Re: [Condor-users] Did something change in the 7.2.2 Windows release?- I can't see startds any more

> Could you send a copy of the logs with the debug level set a little
> higher? (For both the working machine, and the broken one.)
> Also, is the
> startd dropping a core file on the non-functional machine?

Well, I have no explanation for this Ben.

I checked Condor status and sure enough only the 7.2.2 pre-release
machine was showing up. I shut down Condor on both machines and wiped
their log directories. Edited their machine config files to enable
D_FULLDEBUG for their startd's and did a 'net start condor' on each

Both machines showed up in my collector view of the world.


Shut them down. Wiped the log directories again. Reverted to D_COMMAND.
Fired them up and...both of them are showing up in the collector view of
the world.

Here is the log file output, both with and without D_FULLDEBUG on, for
you: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/870088/condor/for-ben.tgz

These machines have essentially sat idle since the last time we talked.
I have no explanation for the change in behaviour.

- Ian

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