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Re: [Condor-users] Quill Question

Hi Dave,
> I'd like to verify that you mean 1680 slots, rather than 1680 machines 
> with multiple slots per machine.  I'm considering implementing Quill on 
> my system, but we have about 1600 slots, so I'm concerned that we might 
> run into the scaling issues you're seeing.

We have 1680 machines with 4 slots each. The number users and jobs
in the queue also influences the access time of the database.  
The Quill server had a E5345 Xeon processor and 16G ram.  

We try to go back to Quill once we settled some other issues. 
It could help to change some parameter in the postgresql.conf.  
Maybe, the shape of tables and the indexing was tuned in condor v7.2.0.
One might ask the developers.
I would give it a try.