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Re: [Condor-users] condor_status hostname : why can't I use IP number instead of hostname?

Matthew Farrellee wrote:

> Rob wrote:
>> Is there a way I can tell condor_status to always treat a hostname AS IF
>> it had an @-sign in it, so that it 'will leave the hostname alone'?
> Pretty sure this requires some code change, though not a very complex
> change. The query condor_status constructs should just include the exact
> arguments it was given along with any expanded ones. Or maybe on
> gethostbyname failure the query could continue on with the exact arguments.

That's indeed an option, however, I also find it inconvenient and inconsistent that the
slot<n>@ construct does not work with single slot PCs. I believe it would be much
better to change this.
Actually, it is already there: single slot PCs have a slotID of 1.
It's then only a matter of allowing this in the hostname construct.

>> That seems to be the only option to make it work for me with single-core PCs......
> Use -constraint for now, e.g. condor_status -constraint 'Name == "pm37"'

Yes, I know that and I already have used it.
It kept me happy for a while, until I wanted to use the "-direct hostname" with
condor_status. This requires the hostname; you can't 'escape' with constraints.

Actually that's how I discovered the buggy-ish hostname resolution in condor_status.