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Re: [HTCondor-users] Jobs on Windows and heterogeneous pool

I don't have this situation, but if I wanted to run analyses on a heterogeneous pool, then I think you basically have to make sure that all computers can run a particular scripting language (probably by installing the bash shell on Windows, or using perl), and specify a shell script as the executable in the submit file which would have logic that would choose how to connect to the executables and where to place the output. 

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Thank you for your response

At the beginning I thought that use Condor on Windows go to be easy or the same as Linux but it's really complicated...

I want to submit jobs from Linux (most of time, but it's an avantage if I can submit from Windows too) and I just want that these jobs run on Linux or Windows executer indifferently.

I will test your proposition to create a batch... but It's significate that I can't submit a single jobs (single submit file) for executing on Linux and Windows, no ?

Windows is really strange after reboot the PC and search solutions on Linux (other partition) I get back to Windows and I've no more error which occur at the submitting of jobs (but jobs are put on hold after few seconds like at the

Heterogeneous pool are not really supported if we have to create another configuration and above all another submit file therefore another submission...


-* Romain *-

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