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Re: [HTCondor-users] Jobs on Windows and heterogeneous pool


Thank you both to helping me.

I'll explain my situation and "needs":
I have :
- to run different jobs programs like blast, bioperl, clusalw etc...
- several Linux servers and desktop machine
- a few Windows desktop machine

Targets are to can submit and run jobs from and on all machines.

One of my goal with Condor was to create a pool in which one I could have 
all my machines: servers + desktop and Linux + Windows
And use desktop machine as an "asset" to run jobs in night or when desktop 
machine are not used. If servers are full => run jobs on Desktop (if are 

So I don't want to run specifficaly on Linux or Windows, I can't know when 
jobs are going to run on desktop machine, so I can't submit jobs for only 
Windows desktop.
I explain my thought, if I do that I might execute these jobs only when 
these machines (Windows desktop) are available, even if Linux servers or 
Linux desktops are available so the only solution it's to use that for jobs 
which are not at all priority or urgent. (It need someone who manage this)

I understand now that it will be difficult to do what I wanted..

Wine is to run Windows applications on Linux no? So I would prefer run Linux 
applications on Windows to do that I have to use cygwin ?
It's something like virtual machine which link Windows and Linux "emulation"
(cygwin) it's that ?
If I use cygwin can I install all my applications, and Condor like on a 
Linux machine ? If yes it's can be a good solution I think. Is it not too 
expensive in resources (Processor/ RAM Memory etc...)?
I will do research about cygwin.

Thank you, I'll keep trying to be able to run simple jobs on Windows at 
least in order to test.

Have a nice day. Goodbye

-* Romain *-