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Re: [condor-users] RedHat 9 + Standard Universe ?

29/01/04 die, ad 16h14, Miron Livny <miron@xxxxxxxxxxx> dixit :
> Providing checkpointing  and remote I/O capabilities for different 
> compilers, libraries and platform is a major challenge for the Condor 
> project. It is a technical challenge as well as a question of how to fund 
> this effort. We plan to seek funding to support this activity in the near 
> future. Any information you can provide us with needs, requirements, 
> desires and hopes in the area of checkpointing and remote I/O, will help us 
> to justify and plan our work in this area.

What about openning Condor ? A year ago (happy birthday) you declared
to move Condor to open source and so to distribute its sources. It
could help you to get the help you are looking for.

I have more than 500 computers in my college running NetBSD, we could
try to make Condor running under NetBSD (at least in Vanilla mode). 

With version 6.6, condor_master segfaults on most of my unstable Debian 
linux boxes. I don't understand why, I cannot check why...

Do you still expect to make Condor an open source software ?

                                        best regards,

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