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Re: [condor-users] RedHat 9 + Standard Universe ?

Hi Olivier,

I can't say anything about the open source and NetBSD, but...

> With version 6.6, condor_master segfaults on most of my unstable Debian 
> linux boxes. I don't understand why, I cannot check why...

I am running condor 6.6 on my Debian unstable machine.
I was experiencing the same problem, but once I installed the 
dynamically linked version, everything worked magically.
(Thanks to Pete Keller for the suggestion).

I hope this helps.

Jeff Linderoth				     O: 610-758-4879
Asst. Professor				     
Industrial and Systems Engineering	     jtl3@xxxxxxxxxx
Lehigh University			www.lehigh.edu/~jtl3          

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