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Re: [condor-users] problem with Java execution

hmm, I set D_ALL to all daemons and restarted whole Condor, but java isn't
mentioned in any of the logs :-(
(and I did the same on machine, on wich Java is detected by Condor, and
there wasn't any mention of Java in log files either)


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> When you run java in java universe Condor tries to run something like:
> 3/15 19:44:54 About to exec /usr/local/java/j2sdk1.4.1_01/bin/java
> -Xmx1006m  -cp
> /usr/local/condor/lib:/usr/local/condor/lib/scimark2lib.jar:.
> -Dchirp.config=/var/condor/execute/dir_10797/chirp.config
> CondorJavaWrapper /var/condor/execute/dir_10797/jvm.start
> /var/condor/execute/dir_10797/jvm.end test
> If you increase the log level, you are probably supposed to see in
> StarterLog something about Condor being unable to run java
> Put D_ALL for starter, just to be sure, and hopefully you will catch it.
>  ----- Original Message ----- 
> > Condor still doesn't detect that I have java installed on master
> > machine. What is the test, that it startd carries out to find if Java is
> > installed or not ?

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