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Re: [condor-users] problem with Java execution

Hi Mike,

Just a few clarifications here:

> perm::init: Lookup Account Name condor-reuse-vm1 failed (err=1332), using
> Everyone

This message has nothing to do with your program's ability to find java,
and there should be no reason why you need to open up permissions to
Everyone. There is, however, a necessity to open up permissions for
the condor-reuse-vm1 user, as you discovered. A more security-conscious
setting would be to either open up permssions to BUILTIN\Users, (since
that is the only group condor-reuse-vmX is a member of), or explicitly
to condor-reuse-vm1, but that has the disadvantage of having to be set
explicitly for each condor-reuse-vmX account on an SMP machine.

> (I installed Condor, not as an administrator, but as user which is in
> Administrators group, but that shouldn't make any difference.)

Right, that should make no difference. I'm not sure how that is relavant
here though.

> I set read permission for Everyone on C drive and write on temp directory
> and when I run my script which calls java.exe, it executes ok now.

Same point here - opening up just to the Users group should be fine,
and you only need to open it for the paths your application cares
about, not the entire C drive.

> However, Condor still doesn't detect that I have java installed on master
> machine. What is the test, that it startd carries out to find if Java is
> installed or not ?

The startd runs 

condor_starter -classad

which prints a classad with various capabilities the starter has,
including Java, if it's successful in finding it. You can run the command
yourself to verify that you've set up Java in Condor correctly.

> If it tries to write anything to disk, it fails, as on my
> computer, Everyone has write permission only in temp directory.

I'm not clear what "it" is, but I'd again refer to my statements about
permissions above.

Hope that helps,
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